Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 28 - Tulsa, OK

Dateline:  July 14, 2014; Tulsa, OK

We had a long day at Red Oak II on Monday.  FMC's kept leaving and we would stop and say good-bye (in person or by phone).  We got some work done on the FMC.  We installed a new toilet (and by we, I mean Greg!).  It's close quarters in the FMC and some jobs just can't be done by more than one person.


The new throne, in all its glory! 

When we were ready to leave, we said good-bye to Jim Woestman and thanked him for his outstanding hospitality and hit the road.  It was late afternoon but we decided to do some driving in the evening when it was cooler.  

We drove across the rest of Missouri, cut through a corner of Kansas, and into Oklahoma -- all on Route 66.  






Your trip through Kansas on Route 66 is very brief!

We're not in Kansas anymore!


We ended up in Tulsa.  We found a Cracker Barrel restaurant and stopped for dinner.  Well, Greg had dinner.  The rest of us had breakfast!  :)  Then we found a little campground - Tulsa Warrior RV Park and tucked in for the night.

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  1. I stopped and ate at the Ku-Ku diner that you have a picture of back in 2009 when I was there in my FMC. Stephen H. FMC 1046