Saturday, July 12, 2014

Days 18 & 19 - Sturgeon Bay, WI

Dateline:  July 4 & 5, 2014; Sturgeon Bay, WI

We arose from our "random camping" early and hit the road.  We were eager to get to our friend, Laura's farm in Sturgeon Bay. We were sticking with byways for most of this drive and it was so beautiful.  We made really good time.

Beautiful Wisconsin byway

We drove by Lambeau field.  

Laura's farm
Laura's farmhouse

FMC #708 at Laura's farm
#708 tucked in near the barn at Laura's farm

The old silo

Laura's chickens
One of the roosters

4th of July table
This is where we ate our 4th of July BBQ dinner.  Is that not perfect?  And the food was amazing!

We went antiquing and the kids found antique comic books! 

We had a great time on the farm.  Door County is utterly beautiful.  Laura's farm is charming and cozy and filled with animals.  We got an Irish Wolfhound fix as her lovely Nessa was more than happy to let us love on her.  We fed chickens, played with cats, admired the birds -- it was wonderful!  Laura made a fantastic meal for us on the 4th.  We stuffed ourselves silly and then drove out to look at the fireworks in the town of Sturgeon Bay.  

The next day, we did some chores around the place.  Ruth learned how to feed chickens, spread a bale of hay for them in one of the coops.  Greg, Gage, and I got to play on the riding mower and mowed the yard for Laura.  For us, it was a fun farm experience with the benefit of relieving Laura of one of the many endless chores on a farm.  

Then, we loaded into Laura's truck and toured Door County.  We stopped at wineries, cheese shops, and antique stores all up the peninsula.  We went to a great little "ice cream spot" and had dessert first -- frozen custard at Not Licked Yet in Fish Creek.  YUM!  We had dinner at a really neat restaurant, Mission Grille,  in a building that used to be a church in Sister Bay.  We drove home -- well, Laura drove home and the rest of us drowsed.  

Two amazing days in a really beautiful part of our country.  Wish we could have stayed longer.  Think of how much we could have mowed!!!

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  1. Your time there sounds so wonderful... You are all Ron's hero - he has always wanted to drive a riding mower!

    Happy Birthday Ruth - you are growing into an amazing young lady! All our love to you today and always....Louise & Ron