Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 25 - Carthage, MO

Dateline:  July 11, 2014; Carthage, MO

We had a lazy start to the day on Friday but at about 10:30, we all piled into cars and drove into Carthage.  Our friend, Jim W, used to be the mayor of Carthage . . . now he's the mayor of Red Oak II. Anyway, Jim has a beautiful old building in the downtown that he calls Sam Hill.  Now I know the answer to the question, "What in Sam Hill?"  What in Sam Hill . . . Jim's toys!  Turns out the Sam Hill Building is the ultimate Man Cave . . . well, I didn't see any huge leather recliners nor a big screen tv but it had plenty of other man toys!

Sam Hill Building, Carthage, MO.  This building used to be a car dealership.  

I've been hearing about this beautiful car for YEARS.  To see it in person.  Wow!  Love Jaguars! 

An old travel trailer that Lowell and Jim have fixed up.  It was out at Red Oak II but was deteriorating so they moved it inside and are working on restoring it again.  

Riding the car elevator to the 2nd floor! 

More toys! Trains, this time. 

Train sets are really fun! 

Jim at the controls. 

All the train buffs (and grown up boys) were loving this experience.  


After all the fun of admiring Jim's cars, playing with the trains, and exploring Jim's Man Cave, we were released into downtown Carthage.  We had an hour to explore and have lunch.  Carthage has a beautiful town square which is dominated by the impressive county court house.  Made of Carthage stone, it is truly a sight to see!  


Surrounding the courthouse are a bunch of downtown shops -- mostly really cool antique shops.  We had lunch at The Carthage Deli, a cute little deli/ice cream shop.  Great food and a fun atmosphere! Then we went exploring the antique stores.  Saw some amazingly fun things.  The best part though was the Carthage Hardware store.  Small town hardware stores are awesome, however.  This one takes the cake.  It had furniture (really nice stuff) and an amazing selection of grandfather clocks.  One of which was irresistible to our friends, Jim and Bill, who arranged to have it shipped home!  


We did our own shopping, too.  Greg stopped in at the local pawn shop and bought two watches (one for good and one for wearing when he's being too rough like working on the motorhome or playing the drums).  The kids bought a video, Conair, staring the amazing Nick Cage.  (Don't ask . . . they are obsessed with Nick Cage.)  

We all met back at the Sam Hill Building where Jim had one more surprise for us.  His newest toy.  

Jim's Morgan

Yea, pretty much all the boys want to be Jim when they grow up.  


After that, we did a driving tour of the homes of Carthage.  We were lucky enough to have Jim W. ride with us so we got to hear a lot about the history of Carthage and know which houses were important to him.  

The house where Jim was raised (I think!)




The house where Jim raised his family.

For more Carthage homes, visit Flickr.

Then we headed back to Red Oak II to rest up before the evening's food and entertainment.  Jim had an old-fashioned pig roast for us.  Wow.  The guys had quite a set up.  Liza was too busy enjoying herself to record the moment but trust us, the food was fabulous!  Jim knows how to treat people RIGHT! He invited some of his friends from the area so it was a big party!  


Radar, one of the dogs that calls Red Oak II home.  We're pretty sure there's some corgi in there which his huge ears and short, squat legs!  Total sweetie! 

Full moon over Red Oak II.  Good night, y'all.

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