Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 23 - Marshfield, MO

Dateline:  July 9, 2014; Marshfield, MO 

Greg and the kids got up and went to visit the St Louis Arch.  


The very space age elevators that take you to the top

At the top

From here, you can look 630 feet straight down.  Uhm, no thank you! 


The view out toward where the motorhome is parked

The view straight down.  Shudder!

Truly beautiful!


We continued our way along Route 66.  Traveling this route is a challenge, as I've mentioned.  Juggling maps, guide books, cameras, turning on and off the GoPro, wow.  So, sometimes, I'm missing the good stuff for pictures.  I am trying though!  Promise!  


Although it would be lovely, I'm assured that the water tower is not, in fact, filled with bourbon.  Still, Bourbon, MO is my kind of town! 

Our big stop of the day was Meramac Cavern in Stanton, MO.  We had lunch in the parking lot and then took the tour.  Missouri was very hot and humid while we were there and going into a cave for an hour was heavenly.  It's a steady 68F in the cave.  We learned about the rich history of the cave and saw some amazing sights in its dark depths.  Here are a few images.  The highlight was, of course, the light show at the end.  You'll see.  Oh, also, it had music . . . The Missouri Waltz and a version on Kate Smith singing God Bless America.  Oh yea, this is the stuff. 





We continued on Route 66.  We saw this very large rocking chair.  We also ended up in another parade.  Not sure what town it was or why they were having a parade at 4pm on a Wednesday but somehow we ended up driving through it just before it started.  We always wave when this happens! 

We stopped for the night at a nice little roadside campground, RV Express 66.  We pulled in and were getting settled when another FMC pulled in as well.  It was Ken and Lynn Clugston from Rolla, MO.  They were getting a late start to Carthage and decided to go ahead and spend the night with us here and continue on in the daylight.  We had our own little mini-rally.  

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