Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 14 - Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Dateline:  June 30, 2014; Badlands National Park, SD


Badlands has a beautiful road that runs through it.  You drive in one end of Highway 90 and out of the park at the other end, also on Hwy 90.  We did the drive - as we always do.  It was gorgeous!  We saw most of the wildlife (well, wild-mammal-life) you can see including prairie dogs, bison, and big horn sheep.  What a gorgeous drive.

Greg tested the new GoPro camera on this.  At some point, we'll put the video up on YouTube and share it here.  It's so amazingly gorgeous.

The end of the drive is at Wall, SD - home of the famous Wall Drug.  We always visit here.  It is the ultimate tourist trap but we love it.  We always find something we can't live without and often some gifts.  Gage always buys a knife there.  It's a good time!


Gage at the end of his run. 

 After we got back from our drive, we dropped Gage off for a 5 mile run through the park. Then, Liza dropped Ruth and Greg off to do more rock climbing, and drove back to get Gage. He had a very blustery run -- but at least it wasn't too hot!


When we got back to camp, it was very, very windy.  The kids' tents were blowing down so we added some tie lines and re-pounded the stakes in the ground (it's not a good sign if the wind is pulling the stakes up).  The night before the wind died down at sunset and we hoped it would do the same.  (It did not!).

Not the most restful night for any of us.  Still, what is that saying . . . the worst night camping is better than the best night not camping.  Well, almost, anyway! IMG_1950

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