Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 8 - Grand Tetons National Park, WY

Dateline:  June 24, 2014; Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming
Special Edition:  Greg's Birthday! 

When we arose, Greg went down to The Otto Clinic to check in with our mechanic.  He had a new idea of what was wrong and set about fixing it.  And, he told us, he was leaving town at noon so he had to get it done.

Yes, we were filled with hope.

But, at 11am, we got the call that it was ready to go.  We headed down and picked it up.  Switching all the stuff from one place to the other again.  (We store our camping chairs and the kids tents and stuff in my car while we're towing it.  We'd moved it back and forth way too many times in Wells, NV for our comfort.)

Again, crossing all our fingers and toes, we headed north again.

Finally rolling out of Wells
Liza's view of the FMC leaving Wells, NV

And this time, we kept going north.

Greg wasn't feeling really confident about things so Liza drove her call all the way.  We'd initially planned to take two days getting to Grand Teton to keep the driving easy.  We did the whole thing in one day.  Once we got going, Greg wasn't going to stop for anything less than our goal.

The drive we chose through Idaho and into Wyoming was beautiful.  We followed the Snake River and fell in love with the Swan Valley area.  Jackson Hole, where Grand Teton National Park is, is a spectacular area.

We were arriving late so we went into the Gros Ventre campground which is the closest to Jackson, WY but the least central to the park's attractions.  Still, it was a pretty campground with a nice view, close to the river and we were so happy to be there.

We drove back into Jackson to have Greg's birthday dinner (Happy Birthday . . . your gift is a new ignition coil!).  The Merry Piglets was a fun Mexican place that was open late enough for us to have a great meal before we trundled back to our campsite and collapsed in an exhausted heap!

Greg at The Merry PigletsGage at The Merry Piglets
We just may have been a little punchy from the travel!

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  1. Sending +ve vibes that the FMC is "healed".