Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 17 - Pettenwell Lake, WI

Dateline:  July 3, 2014; Pettenwell Lake State Park, WI

We got an early start in the morning as we wanted to tour the Winnebago plant first thing.  They evidently have amazing tours.

Unfortunately, they were closed this week for the Independence Day Holiday.  Luckily, the Visitor Center was still open.  They have two historic RVs in there, a short movie about why Winnebagos are amazing, a small museum, and a gift shop.  Oh, and outside, they have some current coaches for you to walk through.  So, it wasn't a waste of time.  They were very kind to us and gave us bottle openers and gave the kids (Greg, Gage, and Ruth) Winnebago trading cards.  We got Greg a t-shirt that has his family's old coach on it.  Not a terrible loss but a little disappointing.

Welcome to Wisconsin!

A very full Mississippi
A very, very full Mississippi river


Anyway, once we were finished there, we hightailed it back to Minnesota -- although we did have to stop at a meat shop recommended by the host at Winnebago in Clear Lake, IA.  We got some great steak, snack sticks, and some good cheese!  We have decided on this trip to be a localvore as possible -- meaning we'll try to stop for food at local places -- small town groceries, markets, drive-ins, etc.  We won't always be successful but we'll try!

We cruised across Minnesota and into Wisconsin.  We were making good time and Greg was feeling good so we got to central Wisconsin before we decided to stop for the night.  We ended up at a place called Pettenwell Lake.  We were a little worried to be pulling in late in the day on July 3rd but when asked, we were assured that they had room for us.  No sites were available but we could "random camp."

Random camping was a new one on us but it turned out to be brilliant.  They had a big grassy field and we could park on it and camp.  Perfect for a one night cruise through.  It was beautiful.  The lake was lovely.  We were all alone in the middle of a huge group of happy campers.  Random camping is good!

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