Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 11 - Casper, WY

Dateline:  June 27, 2014; Casper, WY

Not sure how Liza's camera got set in black and white mode but it suited our mood upon leaving GTNP. 


 We rose bright and early and packed up our campsite.  We were ready to say goodbye to Grand Teton National Park.  Thunderstorms were threatening and it was time to go.

We headed out the eastern gate to the park and went over Togwotee Pass (9,658 ft).  What a beautiful drive.  The scenery was spectacular.  Liza drove her car over the pass so there are no dramatic photos.

If you happen across a sign that says GIANT JACKALOPE INSIDE - go in!  
 We stopped in Dubois, WY (pronounced Dew-boys by the locals) to see the World's Largest Jackalope exhibit.  As you can see, this is well worth a stop! We also hitched up Liza's car at that point.  
Riding the Jackalope
To quote Gage, "This is majestic!" 

We drove along the Wind River for much of the day.  What a beautiful place!


We drove through a fierce thunderstorm which then followed us all the way to Casper, WY where we camped at the River's Edge RV Park.  We got lucky - there was ONE site available.  This is a lovely campground and you should make a reservation if you are going to be driving through.




Liza did laundry while it stormed and Greg and the kids tried to keep our stuff (chairs and canopy) from blowing away. The storm was very intense, having gathered steam as it roared across Wyoming.  There was much thunder and lightning and very heavy rain.  My favorite part was the flood warning that blasted across our iPhones as it started.  Oh, and the possibility of 1/2" hailstones.  Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it could have been!


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