Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 12 - Fort Robinson State Park, NE

Dateline:  June 28, 2014; Fort Robinson State Park, NE

We headed out of Casper, eager to get to the Badlands.  It would be a very long day of driving but we thought we'd try it.  Late in the afternoon, we drove through a beautiful little river valley in Nebraska and then came upon a charming campground and realized it was part of a state historic park.  It was an easy call to pull in for the night.  We got a lovely site near a little creek, under a tree.  It rained almost immediately and then cleared up again.  Just a summer shower!

After we set up camp, we took a drive around the grounds.  It's amazing park.  It was an army fort dating back to the Indian Wars and was in use as such until after WWI.  Now, it's a park and the grounds are in really good shape.  There is horseback riding, kayaking, and more in the area.  People can stay in the houses in the park which looked like fun or in the two very nice campgrounds.  There are two museums, a restaurant, a pool.  Oh, and if you are horsey, you can camp at the park and board your horse in their stables.  Amazing place.

We visited a couple of museums -- one of them is a natural history museum where they have the only skeletons of two mammoths who died fighting when their tusks locked them together.  Amazing!

As the afternoon wore on, it became clear that it was Liza's turn to be sick.  Oh joy.  So, Greg and the kids kindly left and had dinner out.  Liza lay in bed listening to the birds sing outside.

Thankfully, Liza's illness was short lived!  I think there are so few pictures because Liza was feeling so crappy!  Sorry! 

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