Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 16 - Forest City, IA

Dateline:  July 2, 2014; Forest City, IA

Minnesota state sign 

Leaving South Dakota, we entered new territory.  We have never been farther east than this.


The ranch and grazing land of the west has given way to farms.  These are endlessly entertaining.  We were fascinated by the old barns.  Some still in use and well cared for, others in a state of decay and neglect.  Tip:  If you have an old barn, keep the roof in good shape.  It makes ALL the difference!


Despite the Corn Palace fiasco, we were not daunted and Blue Earth's Jolly Green Giant was NOT to be missed.  Isn't he amazing?  Ho Ho Ho!

Iowa state sign

Greg had to make a pilgrimage to Forest City, Iowa, home of the Winnebago manufacturing plant.  We do what we do each summer because Greg grew up going camping all the time in his families Winnebago.  (Click to see pictures of other people's 1973 Winnies.)  We arrived late in the day and found a site for the night at Pilot Knob County Park.  It was lovely -- although thick with mosquitos.  We did a quick tour of the town so we'd know where to go in the morning, hit a grocery store, and called it a night.  Yawn!

We also drove through the park and climbed to the top of Pilot Knob where there is a tower.


Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

 Oh, if you want to see more barn pictures, click to see Liza's Summer 2014 Barns album on Flickr!

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