Monday, October 30, 2006

Crazy Week

FMC new fridge
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This coming weekend is the West Coast Rally. Before then, we have Halloween -- which is a big deal with two small kids. I have a TON of work to do on my schoolwork (getting my teaching credential). We have to finish emptying out the 5th wheel. Sew the velcro back on the bunks well. Load up the FMC. Do the big grocery shopping endeavor for the weekend. Balance the going to the Rally with the still need to go to school thing. I'm thinking that Friday night when I collapse in a camp chair and look around at all the other FMC's, I'm really going to want to have a drink in my hand!

But, I am looking to forward to loading up our never been used fridge for this trip and I'll make sure we have lots of ICE in there for those drinks! :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Maiden Voyage

Well, it's looking more and more like our first trip out with the FMC is going to be to the West Coast Rally in November. Time being what it is, that's the way it looks.

This weekend, we prepared our yard to get ready for the arrival of our new carports. We are getting two large metal carports delivered and installed next week. Both are large enough for the FMC to drive under. One is just for it and the other will be for our other two cars. Living in a rainforest, we need protection from the elements.

We also took a drive down to Felton today and drove through Cotillion Gardens where the rally will be. It's a lovely park. We're looking forward to the trip!

DSCN4418.JPGOur FMC has bunks in the rear cabin where our children are going to sleep -- although we're looking into other options such as possibly moving one of the bunks and taking the other out. Anyway, they had an unpleasant odor about them. We took the fabric off and washed it. The most difficult part was dealing with the velcro. Back in 1975, velcro was TOUGH! I am going to have to repair a couple of places on the fabric where the velcro is pulling away from the fabric but the strength of the velcro connection gives me no doubt that my children will be safe in the bunks! Wow, is that tough stuff! The picture is from a different FMC. It shows the bunk with the strap sticking out.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mini-Kitchen Tour

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Orange is so not my color but in all other ways, this FMC is fantastic. The orange in real life is way stronger than in this picture but you get an idea.

The kitchen has one amazing feature. The previous owners replaced the fridge with a brand spanking new -- unused!-- dometic and then they had stainless steel panels made for it. Wow! FMC new fridge

The one thing we want to change is the oven. It has a microwave in it which we will probably never use. We want to replace it with the original eye-level oven that came with the unit. We're hunting one down and have several prospects from helpful FMC owners. Hurrah!

So, there's a little kitchen tour! Enjoy! Oh, here's the dining room too, while we're on this tour . . .

FMC dinette