Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 27 - Carthage, MO

Dateline:  July 13, 2014; Carthage, MO

Red Oak, MO was a thriving town when artist, Lowell Davis, grew up there.  As the years wore on, the town started to die and Lowell decided to save the past.  On his Foxfire Farm, he started moving and restoring buildings from Red Oak.  He added in his original artwork in the form of paintings and metal sculptures and the beautiful gardens that he and his wife, Rose, create and you have an amazing place.  Here are a few pictures from the tour Lowell gave us:




Lowell telling tales about Red Oak II. 

Yes, there's a cemetery.  Headstones only, we're told!

"The Plumber's Nightmare," a moving, dripping sculpture


Jim W and Greg in front of the General Store.

Lowell and Rose's house

The motel that was moved in with FMC's in front.  

More pictures can be seen on Flickr -  Red Oak II

After the tour, we went to Jim and Bill's FMC (see the coach farthest to the left in the above picture).  They made a fantastic dinner with yummy chicken, puff pastry, and corn.  Gourmet fare, to be sure.  We had a wonderful evening talking about trips we've taken and people we've known.  I felt like I was cutting the evening short when I had to plead weariness and was shocked to realize it was nearly 11pm.  Time flies when you are with great company!  I can't wait until we get to park near Jim and Bill again!  Good people!

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  1. It was great fun having you and "the fam" in Mr Bus for dinner. Can't wait until the next time!