Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 7 - Wells, NV

Dateline:  June 23, 2014; Wells, NV

We were running some errands in Salt Lake City when we got a phone call that the FMC was done and ready!  Hurrah!  We headed back to Wells immediately.  Taking possession of the FMC was very exciting.  We were a little worried that the mechanic hadn't found anything big -- a small fuel leak and some adjustments but hope springs eternal.

Great Salt Lake
The Millers at The Great Salt Lake (Bonneville Salt Flats)

After moving all the stuff that supposed to be in the car back to the car and all the stuff that's supposed to be in the motorhome back to the motorhome, we drove off to get gas and a few food items (since we'd had to toss out all our cold food).  We hit the road with a great sense of excitement and all our fingers and toes crossed.

We literally didn't make it out of town.  The railroad overpass did us in.  We turned around and nursed it back to The Otto Clinic, booked a night at the Super 8 motel, had dinner at Bella's restaurant and struggled to keep our "Make the Best of It" attitude intact.

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