Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 29 - Amarillo, TX

Dateline:  July 15, 2014; Amarillo, TX

We got up and headed down Route 66 in Oklahoma.  Along the way, we spotted this HUGE soda bottle on the side of the road.  We pulled in, of course.  It was a gas station, cafe, and soda shop.  They sold all kinds of crazy sodas, including our children's fancrush favorite, Faygo.  (This evidently features prominently in a web-based novel/cartoon/experience the kids love called Homestuck.)   Every single grocery store I had gone in on this trip, I was instructed to check and see if they had Faygo.

Finally, they did!  The kids were gleeful.  We bought a ridiculous amount of soda!




I know we're still in Oklahoma but this is an impressive longhorn bull.  He was supremely uninterested in us.  We stopped at a "trading post" which was full of overpriced touristy crap.  Oh well, we stretched our legs and walked a bit.  All good. 

Ahhh, look at the FMC and Suzuki in Oklahoma! 

We saw a number of airplanes on this journey outside of various air and space museums. 

This oil well was supposed to be very tall and important in someway that wasn't readily apparent at 60MPH.


We stopped at this museum and were very glad we did.  They had nice, informative displays and good information.  It was a reasonable price.  They had organized the history by decades with music playing and lots of data about the eras such as the price of gasoline and the like.  Really nice stop! 

Evidently this type of diner was sold in a kit!  It was adorable inside and looked ready to open up!  So cute. 



We crossed into the great state of Texas and pushed on until we got to Amarillo.  We had dinner at the Big Texan steakhouse where they have a 72 oz steak challenge.  Greg did not take on the challenge (thank goodness!).  The food was good and the accents were thick!  It was fun.  I enjoyed having to order my iced tea as "not sweet!!!" 


We stayed at Amarillo Ranch RV Park for the night.  They were very accommodating to late check-ins.  It was quiet and clean.  Perfect!

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  1. We were in Amarillo at the same time! If only I'd known, ... I'm not sure what, but how cool would that have been if we'd had dinner together.