Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Two

10:00 - driving thru Fernley, NV.

11:30 - Gas pedal stopped working outside Lovelock, NV (ie middle of no-freakin-where). Fixed it with safety pin! It's official ... We're running on bailing wire!
4:30pm - got gas in Wells, NV. Motorhome refused to start. Talked to Stephen while fiddling with wires & now it's running fine!

7pm - crossed into Utah & mountain time. So now it's 8pm!

10pm - pulling into SLC after a crazy long drive across the salt flats (really? 100 miles?) FMC is purring like a kitten. Tomorrow, we're shopping before we leave town - Camping World, Kohl's, & IKEA! Then we are heading off to Cheyenne!

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