Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 6, Minden, NE

We spent a warm but breezy night in Minden and woke up to a beautiful day with no breeze . . . just the promise of heat!

The FMC Owners Club organized a couple of seminars for us through the Minden Chamber of Commerce.  It was really great.  They got a nurse practitioner to come and speak about Basic First Aid and CPR with a bent toward situations that might come up while we're traveling.  They also had the guy that manages the fleet of school buses for the local school district.  He arrived in a school bus which certainly got everyone's attention.  I, evilly, told the kids that in Nebraska, they pick kids up at campgrounds to go school . . . even in the summer! The seminars were fascinating and I think everyone learned something.  It was pretty cool!

Afterward, we went to the smorgasbord at the Pioneer Village  .  It was, well, a meal.  The Millers headed over to the Pioneer Village museum then.  We spent several hours touring the museum and buildings before the heat did us in.  We'll have to come back for another couple of hours tomorrow.  The Chamber of Commerce arranged passes for us to the museum as well as discounts at the local city pool.  A group of us moms took the kids over to the pool for the afternoon.  The kids LOVED it. The men hung around the campsite talking about their FMCs and discussing how to fix all their problems and how to make them all perfect!

I'm looking out now at a huge group of folks sharing cocktails and conversation.  Here is a link to a bunch of pictures of the day.

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