Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 7 - Minden, NE

We spent another day in the midwest . . . it was a very hot, miserable night.  We woke up to beautiful, cool morning that promised rain.  It never delivered and by 1pm, we had the kids back at the pool for the day.  There was a lot of picture taking of lots of FMCs -- this involved moving coaches backwards and fowards and lots of coordination and organization by too many "cooks."  Still,   in the end, we had some great shots!

Greg did some major repairs.  We continue to be amazed by the kindness and hospitality of this little town.  The auto parts guy thanked Greg for letting him order belts for him.  I chatted with a woman at the pool who invited us to come out to their baseball game tonight.  We made the newspaper and a special on the TV news.  Everyone is as kind as can be!

I can't believe the rally is over and we'll be leaving so many great, new friends.  I know we'll be back!

One of the attendees brought his sons out from Norway.  He bought an FMC 4 years ago, shipped it to Norway and fixed it up.  He did a presentation tonight of all the work he's done so far.  It's pretty amazing!

Our evening is hot and muggy tonight with no breeze. I think we'll be running the air conditioner tonight.  I wonder if we'll get the thunderstorm that keeps threatening to arrive!


  1. We just happened to be at the Pioneer Village campsite this past weekend too. We enjoyed learning about the FMC motor coaches! What fun. I found this blog and thought I would leave you a comment and let you know how much we enjoyed seeing all these unique RVs. Happy Travels, Deb

  2. Thanks, Deb! We appreciate it. We love these things and traveling in them generates a great deal of conversation! Hope you had fun at Pioneer Village. Happy Travels to you, too!