Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 12 - Hill City, SD to Devil's Tower, WY

We had an easy and pretty drive to Devil's Tower.  We drove through the historic town of Deadwood.  We thought about stopping but with a motorhome and tow vehicle, it just wasn't easy so we kept moving.  We drove up I-90 and then cut across to go through the town of Sundance, WY on our way to Devil's Tower.  What a beautiful drive!

Devil's Tower

Greg had work to do so after we got settled in at the Devil's Tower KOA (which is at the base of the tower), the kids and I drove up to the tower, did the Junior Ranger thing, and went on a mile long hike around the base of the Tower.  It is so beautiful there.  The Tower is amazing . . . you are definitely filled with awe when you look at it.  While the kids worked on their Jr. Ranger booklets, I sat in front of the Visitor's Center and just stared up at it.

Done!  Official Jr. Rangers!

When we got back, the kids did the playground thing while Greg and I wrangled dinner.  The Devil's Tower KOA shows Close Encounters of the Third Kind every night around 9pm.  We all bundled up in blankets and watched it.  Really fun to watch that movie, knowing the actual tower was looming over us.

Next stop ... Billings, MT.

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  1. Hey Miller family: Am really impressed with your adventure and the photography. So much of it really reminds me of the Glasgow area. Somehow, you've made it more beautiful. I wonder how many jr. ranger certificates it takes to make a real ranger. Hmmmm. Life here continues on. The mosquitos finally arrived, and it seems with the intention of making up for their late arrival, they're meaner than ever. But everything is green and beautiful, flowers are blooming and Igor's in hog heaven. Hope everything worked out with the FMC. Take care, Love, Mom