Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 9 Valentine NE to Badlands National Park, SD

(This is days late due to being exceptionally busy, overly tired, and having intermittent and weak internet access!)


We woke up at this wonderful campground in Valentine, NE. It was a beautiful morning. I wandered around taking pictures of birds before making Greg his father's day breakfast of pancakes and bacon.

Rainbow during thunderstorm at Badlands National Park

Then we zoomed off . . . headed for Badlands National Park in South Dakota. It was a long drive but we got there early enough to get a gorgeous campsite. We set up camp and heard stories about the storm that we'd watched from Nebraska . . . it was a bad one! We drove around and looked at and climbed on some of the badlands themselves. They don't protect this park in the same way they do other parks. There is so much erosion from water and wind each year that the human damage is minute so they don't limit where you go in the park. It's very unusual but works in this situation.

After dinner, we went to a nighttime presentation on stars. We did see some but unfortunately, the clouds rolled in before we got to use telescopes to do some serious star gazing.

After the storm, Badlands National Park

Millers at Badlands

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