Sunday, June 6, 2010

The big summer trip

Map for our Nebraska Trip, Summer 2010

This trip was conceived around the campfire at our last FMC rally.  Having a destination . . . Minden, Nebraska and the big FMC rally was the impetus to get us moving to make it happen.  We've been trying to do a long summer trip for 3 years now and finally . . . we're doing it.  Planning, working, purchasing, repairing, promising, and finally blogging.

Watch this space for more info . . . T minus 5 days and counting.


  1. Have a great trip. Wave to my brother as you go thru Reno.

  2. Ok, how did you put the little FMC on the map?

  3. Photoshop! :) It's a separate file and when I make a map, I paste it into the map in Photoshop. :) Can't wait to see you in Cheyanne!