Monday, July 9, 2012

Days 14-16 - FMC Rally, Larkspur, CO

Camping in Larkspur was wonderful and frustrating.  Our original destination for the rally was a lovely campground at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  However, there was a huge fire nearby and camping there wasn't possible.  So, our Rally Host scrambled and found us spots at Jellystone Park -- 30 minutes north in Larkspur, CO.  

We were very grateful for the Jellystone folks for working to get us all in at the new park.  But, unfortunately, instead of being all together in one area, we were spread all over the park which was hilly and difficult to get around in.  Thankfully, they had a large pavilion area that we took over as ours. 
We still managed to tour each other’s coaches getting ideas for improvements in function and form as we went.  From engine compartments to interior design, we all have lots of opinions about how to improve these wonderful coaches.    
The men spent much of one day listening to one of our members, Louis Cruise, talk about what he knows about FMC’s and ways to modify them to make them run better.  

There was a board meeting as well as a general membership meeting one day.  Those jobs take some time!  
Every evening, we got together for drinks and food and more conversation!

At the end, some folks were disappointed to be asked to leave a day earlier than they'd planned.  The sites they had been given were full for that last night so we broke up the rally on a little bit of a sad note.  We stayed one more night and said goodbye to the folks that also stayed . . . as well as one poor guy who showed up that morning -- he'd had a breakdown in Santa Fe and missed the whole rally! 

Our Rally Host, Jim Evans, and his family -- they pulled this off despite the fire and its close proximity to their house!  Thankfully, they did not have any damage!  

We got the remaining coaches together for pictures on our last morning!

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