Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 21 -- Devils Tower National Monument, WY

Greg was taking advantage of the campground’s WIFI to get some work done today so we did some serious lazing around today but eventually, we roused ourselves to go up to the monument and Greg and the kids walked the 1 mile base of the tower.  Well, Gage ran it (22 minutes) and Greg and Ruth walked it (44 min).  
I sat and people watched.  Families are interesting organisms.  Some of them work really well and some of them don’t!  Wow! 
After dinner, Greg and the kids went to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind at the campground restaurant while I stayed behind to shower and do laundry.  Well, that was the plan.  
An unexpected thunderstorm changed some of that as I had to quickly pack up a bunch of stuff when the rain went on and on and on . . .  Gorgeous lightning and powerful thunder.  My favorite part was when I was moving our chairs out of the rain and the canopy dumped a gallon of cold rainwater on my head.  That's a waker-upper . . . and that was after my shower!  
I hope the rain helped put the fires out though!
#708 during thunderstorm at Devils Tower KOA

All my photos of Devils Tower are gone, too.  Not fun.

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