Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 31 - Missoula, MT to Clarkston, WA

We got an early start out of Missoula.  We planned to take another byway (of course).  Highway 12 out of Missoula crosses the state of Idaho and ends up in Clarkston (or near enough to nevermind).  What a beautiful drive!

We love byways!

Driving into the storm.

Idaho is a beautiful state.

At lunch, we stuck our feet in the Clearwater River.  

It was windy and hilly the whole way -- more than we anticipated -- but, Greg is used to driving on roads like that and it was so beautiful along Lolo Creek that we didn't mind.  We drove into a storm as we drove over the Bitterroots -- lots of rain and even some thunder and lightning which was exciting.  Eventually, as we came down the other side, the sky turned blue and it got warm.  We ended up travelling along the beautiful Clearwater River that travels across Idaho.

The border between Idaho and Washington runs down the Snake River.
The twin cities of Lewiston and Clarkston were our destination for the night.  We found a great little campground at a marina on the Snake River and restocked on groceries.

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