Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 27 - Havre, MT to Glacier National Park

We were so anxious to get to Glacier.  None of us has ever been to this park but we've heard so much about how wonderful it is.  The drive from Havre to Glacier was hot and long.

Much of it is inside the Blackfoot Indian Reservation.  We passed several historical markers and -- when we had 3G -- we'd check the story behind the sites.  Some of the stories made us so sad -- the Baker Massacre, for instance.  Sometimes, telling your children about the history of the United States is a very hard thing to do.

Still, seeing the glacier covered peaks getting bigger and bigger and clearer and clearer was very exciting.  

We had decided to stay at Two Medicine campground with is sort of like a separate park to the south of the main park.  It was quieter and we were glad we made that our base.  We got there and got a site with a view of the water (there are three lakes that make up the Two Medicine group).  

Gage and I went down to the water to see how cold it was . . . and it was cold ... as you can see below!  

Gage dunks in Two Medicine Lake at Glacier National Park

We were really impressed with that evening's program at the campground.  A Blackfoot musician, Jack Gladstone,  and his friend came and performed.  The performance was a combination of storytelling, his views on history and religion, and his original songs.  It was fantastic!  He founded the program "Native America Speaks" that has lasted about 30 years at Glacier!  If you get a chance to hear Jack Gladstone perform . . . do it!  

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