Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 32 - Clarkston, WA to White Salmon, WA (aka Hood River, OR)

We got an early start to minimize the driving we had to do in the heat of the day -- although it was still plenty hot while we were driving!  We headed down towards Pendleton, OR and then for the Columbia River.   Our goal for the night was Hood River, OR -- where my dad was raised.  We ended up across the river in White Salmon, WA because there weren't any private campgrounds in Hood River.  It's so close that it feels like the same town . . . just in a different state! 

Pendleton is a pretty sleepy town but we were hoping to get Greg a nice wool shirt for cold mountain weather.  We found the perfect one that fit him great.  We figure he'll break it in while we are on the Oregon Coast.  

One of the most interesting things we saw was an forest farm.  They grow a special fast-growing poplar and harvest them for specific purposes.  The trees are all in rows like an orchard but they are harvested for wood.  It's pretty amazing and huge.  

The Columbia River Gorge is utterly beautiful.  Above Hood River, it's very desert-y and below Hood River, there are many more trees.  The river itself is huge and deep and lovely.  In the Hood River area, under the watchful eye of Mt Hood, kite surfers fill the river with color and life.  

After we settled in our campground, we went to have dinner at a great little brew pub in Hood River.  We had great food and really enjoyed looking out over the town and the river.  Gage and I even got in a game of Cribbage (although Gage gets so much "help" from Greg that I feel like I am playing him instead!).  

After dinner, we got some ice cream (mmmmm, Huckleberry ice cream!!!) and then took a drive down to the water.  These paddleboarders were coming in -- I enjoyed their passenger!  

Hood River is such a cool town.  We'll have to come back when we can spend more time here.  

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