Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 25 - Glasgow, MT

Another hot day in Glasgow today.  We’ve had some road damage to our cars and wanted to get some of it fixed today -- the FMC has two chips in the windshield and we don’t want them to get worse so we went to AAA Glass in Glasgow and they fixed the chips for us.  We were going to take the car too so we could drive around and maybe visit the museum as we waited for the chip repair.  Unfortunately, my car had a flat tire when we went out to start it.  Ouch.  
Later in the day, we changed to the spare and drove over to Tire-rama where Stu helped us out.  He didn’t have our size in stock but ordered them to be UPSed by tomorrow so we can get on our way.  We may end up spending a third night in Glasgow between the tire repair and the fact that Greg has a conference call in the afternoon -- cell coverage isn’t as reliable in northern Montana as it was in the southern part of the state and in the Dakotas.  
We had dinner at Eugene’s again -- chicken dinner this time.  Delicious!  We got 3 pieces of fried chicken, salad, jo-jo’s, dinner rolls, and ice cream for less than $10.  The kids had pizza again and ate every bite!  What a great place!  I’m glad I bought a tee-shirt from them so I’ll remember them fondly!

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