Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 34 - Durango, CO

Dateline:  July 20, 2014; Durango, CO

The drive from Chama to Durango is gorgeous.  Well what else could it be as you travel into the Rockies.  We drove through the town of Pagosa Springs where Greg skidded to a halt (okay, maybe not but still) when he spotted a roadside Hawaiian BBQ stand.  We found a safe place to make a U-turn and park and headed over for lunch.  Turns out they have a regular gig called the East Side Market and Food Court.  Greg and I had the hawaiian bbq and Gage had a burrito from another cart.  Ruth was still recovering from an over-indulgence of hot chile in Santa Fe and elected not to eat lunch!  We also hit the famer's market and got a few treats there, too.  Great spot.  Pagosa Springs looks like a fun town and may be a potential stop on a future trip.

We arrived at our campground in Durango just as a thunderstorm was hitting.  Greg and the kids set up camp while Liza hauled laundry to the laundry area and washed all our clothes.  Glamorous life!

Begger's can't be choosers.  Durango campgrounds are also good ones to make reservations but we did squeeze into a cozy site at Durango Riverside RV Resort.  

Watching hummingbirds battle over feeders while doing laundry seems to be a Durango tradition for me.
They are so fierce!


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