Saturday, August 2, 2014

Days 40 - 41 - Needles, CA and then Home

Dateline:  July 25, 2014; Needles, CA and then Home!

Early Friday morning, Liza and Greg went back to the hospital in Chinle to get checked out by Dr. Duran and Nurse Karen again.  We were given the okay to start our journey home.  Greg and the kids packed the motorhome.  When we were packing up, we mentioned again how odd it was that we hadn't found Liza's iPhone -- even if it was destroyed, we should have found it.  It's a sign of our distraction that we hadn't even thought about the Find Your iPhone app until then.  Liza fired up her computer, signed into iCloud, and crossing her fingers that her phone's battery hadn't died, clicked the button to find her iPhone.

Greg looked at the map on the screen and realized it was where the car had been towed.  We called the tow place and got permission to come back out there.  When we got there, Liza clicked the button to have the phone play a sound (it still had 9% battery!).  Gage and Greg were ready to dig around under the seats in broken glass to find it but instead were looking up at the broken windshield.  The iPhone was wedged between the broken glass and the frame of the car.  Gage touched it and it fell out in his hand.  It only had one slight scratch on the screen.

A Festivus miracle!

Liza spent the trip in the back sleeping on her bed, waking only to eat and take more painkillers.  Greg drove endless hours to get us home in two days.

The first night, we stopped in Needles, CA where it was a ridiculous 112F.  We ate at the Wagon Wheel restaurant where they kindly planted us under the A/C and served us fantastic food.  We stayed that night at the Best Western in Needles.  Greg and the kids swam in the very nice pool.  Liza took a cool shower and went back to bed!

The next day, we did the same thing.  Greg drove and drove and drove to get us home to Boulder Creek.

Liza has been checked out by her family doctor and is seeing her chiropractor. She will be fine but is tired and recovering.  She's getting better everyday! Gage went up to Mammoth to do his running camp where he realized his ribs were bruised but it didn't stop him from running two times a day and doing the 10 mile run at the end.  Ruth had her first Behind-the-Wheel official driving lesson despite her nerves after the accident.  Greg's ear is back to normal.  

Life goes on.  We were incredibly lucky.  This was not a good ending to our epic journey.

What a long, strange trip it's been! 


  1. I think it was a good ending! There was some serious bumps along the way, but all are healthy and are moving on with life. A great trip with a good ending! Stephen H.

  2. Wow Liza, you and your family had an eventful trip. You are so lucky. Glad to have you back.
    Margaret Z