Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 35 - Durango, CO

Dateline:  July 21, 2014; Durango, CO

Got up early so Greg could take motorhome to Bill Sitton's place to work on transmission
Liza and kids DID Durango then went out to Bill's in Ignacio.
Came home and had dinner in FMC

We got up early so Greg could get over to Bill's place in Ignacio and get started on the transmission work there.  The kids and I loaded up into my car and set out to explore Durango.  We had breakfast at the Durango Diner.  And, then got Liza's car washed (being towed behind a motorhome through thunderstorms leaves a car grimy).  When we were done, we hit the shops in Durango's downtown.  We had two goals . . . kill time and get Gage some good running shoes.  We accomplished both nicely.
After our huge breakfast, we weren't hungry at lunchtime so we headed out to find some yummy ice cream.  We ended up finding a great spot called Cream Bean Berry.  It's an artisan ice cream shop in an old school that's been converted into a very, very cool multi-use space.  The ice cream was delish.  Gage had a vanilla bean float made with Zuberfizz Vanilla Cream soda which he said was fantastic.  I had Balsamic Strawberry ice cream and Ruth had Salted Caramel.  What a great spot for us to chill out and plan the rest of the day.

After ice cream, we drove up to Fort Lewis College which sits on the ridge above Durango.  What an amazing setting for a college.  We stopped several times to look out at the town of Durango.  The view was spectacular.




There is a cool stone building on the rim called Lion's Den.  We stopped there to enjoy the view.  


We decided to head out to Ignacio early.  Greg was expecting us by 4pm but we were feeling like naps or something but had not motorhome to nap in.  We headed out and had a late lunch in Ignacio.  It's a tiny Colorado town but we found some yummy burgers at a roadside burger joint, Iron Head Grill.  Ignacio is on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation and is home to a really beautiful casino and cultural center and museum.  If we'd had more time, we would have gone to the museum.  The casino had a nice looking RV park, too. 

Bill lives out in the country outside of town.  We followed his very detailed directions to get there.  The view from his place is amazing.  Greg and Bill were amazingly dirty (which will surprise no one who has ever worked on an FMC).  They were nearly done and while the kids and I explored the property, they finished up.  We were so grateful to Bill for helping us.  FMC people are the best!   




Heading off, back to Durango with a park gear again!  Success!

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