Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Days 18 - 21 -- Billings, MT

I've decided to consolidate our time in Billings into one post.  This was not a planned stop and while we made the best of it . . .

We took a drive over to the repair shop first thing in the morning to check on the status of the FMC.  As expected, the tranny needed to be rebuilt.  What we didn't expect was the the tow truck drivers did not hook our vehicle up correctly and caused some major damage to the FMC.  This resulted in phone calls to RVS in Santa Clara to have parts shipped out as well as to Coachnet to get it all dealt with. Thankfully, Coachnet is fantastic to deal with and Brown's was as well.

On the way back to the motel, we drove by the KOA in Billings.  It is the first KOA ever and has a great reputation.  We were really impressed and, since my back was aching from the bed in the Motel 6 (and we weren't overly impressed with the neighborhood), we decided to move into a Kamping Kabin at the KOA.  We packed up all our belongings in the FMC and checked out of the Motel 6.
Bookstores are fun!

Moving from 708 to the KOA Kabin

This is good!

Our home away from home away from home

The KOA had a playground, room to ride bikes, and a pool.  It was the right choice!  It also had nice clean bathrooms, air conditioning, free wifi, and much more comfortable beds as well as a place for Greg to work while we were there.

So, we hung around the campground and the kids got to play, we shopped at bookstores, we went and saw Toy Story 3 in 3D.  We ate out a lot and thoroughly enjoyed our time in Billings.  Still, we were very glad to check out on Friday, pack all our belongings back in the car and head off to pick up the FMC.

It was 7:30 at night before we got it on the Friday before the Fourth of July weekend.  The guys stayed late and got it finished.  They were rushing to get home for the night and we were rushing because we wanted to get as far down the road towards Idaho as we could.

We drove back to the KOA so we could dump the holding tanks and that's when Greg noticed that the transmission was leaking fluid.  We drove back to the shop and, of course, no one was there.

We were determined and didn't give up.  We had the manager's name and we called him at home.  Given other circumstances, we wouldn't have done that but we needed this fixed.  He agreed to meet us in the morning and was going to try to get a mechanic to come in, too.  So, we headed off for the Walmart parking lot to spend a rather grim evening worrying that we'd miss the 4th of July in Coeur d'Alene with our friends, the Cobbs.

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