Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 17 - Cody, WY to Billings, MT

Monday morning dawned and we couldn't avoid dealing with the transmission issues any longer.  Part of traveling in a 35 year old motorhome involves the willingness to deal with mechanical issues in good humor (although, honestly, new motorhome break down all the time too!).

708 getting towed

We called our towing service (Coachnet).  We are really glad we have them as a service to deal with.  They tow us but also provide a lot of help in finding the right shop and solution for your problem.  Greg knew, from talking to locals, that the transmission rebuild needed to be done in Billings so we arranged to be towed to Billings.  We contacted a company called Brown's in Billings.  They have a great reputation and said all the right things when Greg talked to them.

We weren't happy with the tow service, to be honest.  They showed up an hour and a half late and then before they could hook us up to their truck, they broke the truck.  It was kind of ridiculous.  They came back and hitched us up for the long trip back to Billings.  We followed the motorhome back and it was agonizing watching it bounce and jolt all that way.

Once it was there, the folks at Brown's took over and pulled it into their RV bay where it would be safe and they could start looking at it first thing in the morning.

708 in Billings, MT

We decided to go to Motel 6 thinking that air conditioning and our own bathroom would make it worth it.  (It wasn't!)


  1. Greg and Liza, I am really glad to see that you are back on the road. Having been "on the hook" four times, I can relate to your experience. But, as you say, even new ones break down! See you when you get back.

  2. Thanks, Stephen! We're really enjoying our trip --- breakdowns and all. While we really wish the tow truck hadn't screwed up our FMC, we totally expect that tows and repairs will be a big part of the classic motorcoach experience! See you soon!