Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 35 -- Ocean Cove, CA to Home

And we're home . . .

Our day started at the beach, cold and foggy and beautiful.  The fog is so mysterious and moody.  We knew we wanted to get an early start.  Our route takes us through San Francisco and down the peninsula so we wanted to be through there before Rush Hour.  Not driving a motorhome with a tow vehicle through traffic on Highway 17.

We had breakfast and headed down the coast.  It was beautiful and, in someways, easier to drive down Highway 1 in the fog.  You know the cliffs are there but the fog is hiding the deadly plummet that faces you if you steer wrong.  Hey, ignorance is bliss, after all!

We turned inland at the town of Jenner.  It's where the Russian River meets the ocean.  The mouth of the river was full of seals basking on the beach.  You know critters live in cold water when basking involves lying on a wet beach on a foggy day!

The drive up the Russian River is still windy but it's more the kind of windy road we're used to driving on.  We felt more and more like we were heading home. We left the fog and enjoyed seeing cute little towns that thrive along the Russian River.

Once we were out on Highway 101, things moved more quickly.  We zipped down through Marin County and over the Golden Gate bridge where we were momentarily back in the fog.

Once we were through SF, we drove familiar roads home.  We stopped in Scotts Valley to pick up our sweet Ruby-dog from my mother-in-law where she had been pampered and loved on for the last 5 weeks by Greg's mother, his sister, our nephews, and friends.   Do I need to mention how glad she was to see us?  Or how glad we were to see her?  :)

We let the kids swim there and then headed for home. The driving became easier as we drove on roads that we know like the back of our hands.  Coming into town, the scene was familiar and new all at once.  We were thrilled when our neighbors drove by and yelled, "Welcome Home!" out the windows!  We definitely felt that we were Home.

The house looked good as we pulled in the driveway.  (My mother-in-law is an amazing house-sitter!)

To be honest, I didn't want to end the trip.  Our worries were few, our chores familiar, our joys great on this epic trip.  We saw and did amazing, once-in-a-lifetime things over and over again.  We didn't get tired of the journey and devolve into bickering and fighting (even the kids!!!).  We were happy and excited for most of the journey.

Still, home is good.  And, we've got next year to look forward to . . .

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