Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 16 -- Yellowstone

We got a much earlier start the next day and packed even more food to bring with us. We planned a drive that took us around most of the Grand Loop. We saw amazing waterfalls and canyons, hot springs and bubbling, stinky mud pits. We saw terraces where hot springs create amazing rock formations. We saw wildlife. Oh my goodness, the wildlife.

We saw tons of American Bison, Elk, birds galore, black bears, and a grizzly mama with two cubs. The wildlife is easy to spot in Yellowstone because it draws a crowd. As you are driving, you see a mess of people and cars by the side of the road and you know there's a critter there. When the critter is a bear, the rangers try to be there too to keep the people and the bear separated. We were, frankly, dazzled by the animals we got to see.

Bear #3


Yellowstone traffic jam


At the end of the day, the kids were sworn in as Junior Rangers for Yellowstone National Park. Love the Junior Ranger program!!!


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