Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 34 -- Ft Bragg, CA to Ocean Cove, CA

A short day today. We were heading for home on a hard-to-drive road and decided to enjoy one last night along the coast. We got up, changed the fuel filter on the FMC (it's been backfiring strangely since we got gas near Olympia, WA), and got on the road heading south again.

We stopped at pretty much every little market between Ft. Bragg and Ocean Cove buying treats. Our favorite stop was in Elk, CA. It's a tiny town - absolutely beautiful. The ladies in the market had just finished their baking for the day. We got fresh rolls (still warm) and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies . . . still gooey and hot! We had the cookies right away and saved the rolls for lunch! We also bought them out of Dr. Pepper -- we bought BOTH cans!

Later, we stopped at the Surf Market in Gualala. Greg got tri-tip fresh off the grill and I got everything else! We had a great lunch that day! We stopped at Salt Point State Park's day use area and I made sandwiches. The kids had tri-tip sandwiches on the fresh bread but I had fresh, organic cream cheese and smoked salmon on the fresh bread. It was amazing! Oh, and Greg had tri-tip, too. YUM!


Shortly after, we were rounding a corner on Highway 1 and Greg spotted some RVs parked out on a point of land. We had found Ocean Cove Store and Campground. And, wow, what a find it is! We pulled in, paid our $20, and found an amazing site right on the edge of the cove. We got settled in to our site and went exploring!



Look what Gage found!

Before dinner, we headed over to Ft. Ross in the car. It's an old Imperial Russian settlement on the California coast. They set up a fur station where they hunted for sea otter pelts. They tried their hand at farming food and grain for other Russian outposts in Alaska but found they weren't in the best spot for it. Between the weather and the gophers, their wheat crop didn't do well. They were there for a number of years and then left California in 1841. It's an amazing place. Most of the buildings are reconstructions but the house of the director is original and it's amazing.



When we got back to the motorhome, we had an amazing dinner. Crab appetizers, steak, salad, fresh bread . . . our last night on the road. We also had a wonderful fire and made S'mores! Yum! Life is good!


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