Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 4 and 5: Eugene, OR

~ Just the Facts ~
Campground: Alice & Steve's backyard
Restaurants: Saturday Market Food Trucks
College:  University of Oregon (private tour)

After we left Ashland, we drove north towards Eugene.  Liza has family there so we were taking a couple of days to visit with family.  

On the way up we stopped at Cottage Grove and visited with Stephan.  He and his wife Jane are saving a beautiful little home that had been given over to blackberries and time.  It was fantastic to see all they have accomplished and what their plans are for this place.  Stephan, a fellow FMC owner, was proud to show off this project.  It will, of course, include 50AMP service at the FMC parking spot near the garage!  

Stephan, on right, was proud to show off his new house.  

We stayed at with Alice and Steve. Alice is Liza's father's youngest sister. They live in a beautiful restored log cabin between Eugene and Florence. We had a beautiful spot to park and they even let the kids stay in the house in their own rooms for a couple of days.   They have spectacular gardens, wild turkeys roaming the grounds, and warm, warm hospitality that will stay with us for a long time.  Walking down to get the best cappuccino in the world every morning is a hard habit to break!  :)

Ruth had eliminated University of Oregon from her list but it was Alice's alma mater so we had to go take a visit.  Gage loved it though -- they call Oregon TrackTown USA, after all.  He took a quick 3 mile run through one of the parks while we walked along the river.  It's a beautiful town.  

Alice is a great tour guide and we had lunch at the Saturday Market (a regular event that combines farmers market, craft fair, and food trucks).  We also got to visit with Liza's aunt and uncle, Linna and Mike.   There was great cousin time too that involved Nerf Gun Wars and a crazy croquet match!  Too much fun!

It was a great time in Eugene.

Gage at UofO's track facilities. 

They really are impressive. 

Pretty nice campsite, eh? 

View down to the cabin. 

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