Friday, June 19, 2015

Days 2 & 3 - Ashland, Oregon

~ Just the Facts ~

Ashland is a marvelous town and we were really excited to tour Southern Oregon University. SOU is a private college in the heart of Ashland. We found a place to park the FMC in the shade on a level street and took the 4Runner back to the campus for our tour. 

The tour was great. We got to see lots of buildings on campus including two dorm rooms. Tons of information and both kids allowed as how they could see going here. Awesome! 

After the tour, we went and had a fancy (& delish) lunch at Louie's in downtown. We walked a little, checking out the stores and ambiance. 

Then, we collected the FMC and went to our campground. We stayed at Emigrant Lake County Park. Greg had read on a blog about this campground and booked us the best site. 

Really great. The lake is man-made and has all kinds of boating on it. We saw lots of ospreys, killdeer, gulls, Brewers Blackbirds, and more. Mostly the lake is quiet and if you went out, you'd have the place to yourself! Beautiful! 

We did have to move sites for our second night -- we decided after we'd booked that we wanted another night in Ashland. So we got that done and then decided to take a drive. There are lots of options out of Ashland, but we decided to head over to Crater Lake.  We took 62 out of Medford, went to the National Park, and came back on 62 to Klamath Falls where we picked up 66 for a little byway drive back to our campsite. 

Gage is in the picture you just can't see him. Teens! Am I right? 

Pictures don't do it justice. Crater Lake is a must-see spot.

On our drive home, we found cows. Not the first time and I hope not the last. I love roads with "stop for cows" possibilities. We also saw deer and wild turkeys along the way. 
Tomorrow, we head for Eugene! 

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  1. My family used to camp at Crescent lake, then day trip to Crater lake often. It is a must see. How fun!!! Woot woot! Onward. 😆