Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 11: Bellingham, WA

~ Just the Facts ~
Restaurants:  Rocket DonutsBlack Pearl

We camped in a state park along the coast but in a forest.  It felt a lot like home although the trees were not redwoods, of course.  Somehow I forgot to get a picture of our campsite.  We were just there for an overnight and were tired after driving out of Seattle's traffic.

Bellingham is a very cute town.  In the morning, we drove through town and found a place to park the motorhome on a level, shady spot.  Bellingham is rather hilly so that wasn't as easy at it sounds.

The "people" in this art piece represent the people who live on the islands in the bay off the coast of Bellingham.  It was a very cool exhibit.

The tour was led by two students and they did a great job of guiding us through the campus and explaining what life is like for WWU students.  The entire campus is an outdoor art exhibit and some of the art was amazingly cool and some was whimsical. 

We really enjoyed the tour and the campus.  Ruth was feeling good about it except that it has a pretty large student body (not UofO big or U-Dub big but still).  At the end of the tour, Ruth and Greg walked over to the Fairhaven campus.  Fairhaven is like a college inside a university.  They were lucky enough to find a professor working who gave them a tour and talked to Ruth -- kind of a mini-interview.  She was so happy -- what a great experience.  

Seriously amazing views!

All the art at WWU is meant to be interactive.  Here's Greg, Gage, and Ruth interacting with The Stairs to Nowhere (which is what the kids call it).

After the tour, we had lunch at a great Pho/Asian Fusion place, did some grocery shopping, and headed out to North Cascades National Park.  A brand new national park for us . . . exciting.  Plus, we are hoping to get up in elevation and out of the heat.  Fingers crossed. 

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