Monday, June 11, 2012

It's summer so we must be hitting the road . . .

We are getting ready to head off on our next epic adventure.  School is out.  Greg is making sure his clients are ready for him to be on the road.  We've done tons of work to #708.  All that's left is one last cleanup and packing in clothes and food.  

This year, we are taking a longer route.  We are reprising our last two trips (in part) and then we're adding on some new favorites.  This map was one of the options we discussed and it's close to what we are going to do.  Of course, we don't know for sure what we're going to do this year.  

We are going to head south again and go to Zion National Park.  Then we'll wind our way northeast and end up in Colorado Springs for the 2012 FMC Owners Club Mega-Rally.  Then we head north and add one new state (North Dakota) to our list.  We are planning to cruise through the land of Liza's birth (Glasgow, Montana) and then we are going to Glacier National Park.  From there, we head southwest and end up on the Oregon Coast where we leisurely make our way home.  

Yup.  It's a plan.  

(PS.  You might have noticed that we've moved the site (all of it -- all old posts are here now).  There were some features we wanted to add that were tough to implement on Wordpress so we migrated to Blogger where those features were easy.)


  1. I realize you have noted the map MAY be your trip--but, since this map routes through northeast Colorado, you may want to detour...fires around Fort Collins.

  2. We are keeping an eye on that fire, Donna. Hopefully, it will be contained or dying out by the time we head that way. Unfortunately, living in the west means dealing with fires in the summer. Last year, there were big fires in Arizona and New Mexico and we managed to skirt those with no issues. Fingers crossed. (And, of course, we are more worried about the poor folks who live there and are dealing with this fires as more than an inconvenience!)