Saturday, June 11, 2011

Everyone's a critic . . .

So, Greg doesn't think much of my route map and offers this correction for your viewing pleasure.

I'm sure you can see all the great changes.  For example, I had us approaching Canyon de Chelly from the WRONG direction!  Horrors!  (Love you, honey!)

That said, it's all up in the air right now anyway.  Southeastern Arizona is on fire and the smoke plume is impacting air quality throughout New Mexico.  Not good.  We're considering our options today as we continue to pack and get ready for the trip.  We're going somewhere, to be sure.  The route is undecided at this point!

We'll keep you posted!  (Pun intended!)


  1. I mhave been reading you site and I think it is great and am looking foward to reading more about this current trip. One place you are going to be close to is Dinosor national monument ( Spelling) in Utah. It is one of the beat places we ever went and the ranger programs were great. Your rig looks great and I wish you the best in your travels.
    I was and owner of an FMC years ago and there is nothing like it.
    The best to you and yours,
    Steve and Patty

  2. Thanks, Steve and Patty! We're really excited. We may well drop in at Dinosaur National Monument -- thanks! The FMC is ready to be packed and I can't wait to hit the road at 8am on Monday morning!

  3. Having checked both maps, I just want to confirm that both of you are traveling on the same trip!! Have a great time.

  4. Thanks, Stephen! We WILL have a great trip! And, don't worry, we are definitely not too concerned about the route. We're playing it by ear!

  5. Happy trails to you. Hope your route doesn't take you into the smoke from the New Mexico fire.

  6. Thanks. Donna! We are watching the news carefully (yay smart phones!) and may do the trip in reverse order. We'll keep you posted!