Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 1 -- Boulder Creek to Calico, CA

There aren't really words for this stark beauty. We left home this morning bright & early but, of course, had several stops to make. We had a long, dull, hot drive down I-5. (Do I need to mention that the AC isn't working?)

When we turned onto 58 in Bakersfield, things started getting better. It was a hell of a grade into Tehachipi but #708 did beautifully! When we started seeing Yucca and then Joshua Trees, I was so happy! Plus, the elevation helped cool things down.

Joshua Trees
This might be our longest day of driving but getting out if California always takes a while. We are spending the night in Calico Ghost Town.
Desert sunset


  1. Were there any wildflowers left over the Tehachipi grade? Little late but this year everything is greener later. Ruby, Dexter and ?? are doing great. Bob checks on each one regularly. Ruby went with us to the condo to do some laundry and enjoys following Bob (hoping it's really Greg). Boyz at Hume Lake. Greg, I'll be your courier if need be until Evan gets back.

  2. Thanks for the update, Jen! The turtle is named Myrtle (see the sign on her tank!). Thanks for giving Ruby so much loving! We're in the sweet shop in Calico having treats! Gage woke up saying, "no, wait!" No word on if the dream involved trains going straight up!

    Oh, just a few purple wildflowers & yucca, too!