Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 5 - Grand Canyon National Park

Before light brightens the sky, the robins know and begin their songs.  Just like at home, I wake to their lush, lilting songs.

Greg took the day to work and I took the kids off to Hermit’s Rest.  You can take a bus out there but we got off a mile early and walked along the trail.  Gorgeous!  So many critters and wildflowers.  The views of the Canyon were amazing (but there isn’t a bad view of the canyon!) and on the trail, we really felt that we were on our own out there.  Hermit’s Rest is a lovely little spot out at the end of a finger that goes into the Canyon.  There is a gift shop and canteen out there as well as very clean whiffies (pit toilets).  The bus ride back was a little long -- some of our fellow passengers were not showing their best sides.  Sigh.

Living on the edge . . . I love that you can see the river below.  There was a ledge just below them -- lest you think I'm mad!

We got back much to the Village much later than we’d hoped.  Greg texted us to say that he needed to keep working so we got a bite to eat and then attended a couple of programs.  There was a great demonstration of Navajo singing and dancing on a stage near Hopi House.

Navajo dancers at Grand Canyon's Hopi House
The speaker invited us to take photos and videos but not to share the videos on the Internet.

When it was over, we walked over to Lookout Studio again and listened to a program on California Condors.  Ranger Chris was an engaging and entertaining speaker -- I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.  I knew a lot of the information but definitely learned a few things about Condors.  He talked about how to tell if you REALLY saw a condor.  He used three kids (including Gage) to show the differences between the condor and the birds you commonly see there:  Ravens and Turkey Vultures.  At the end, I was 100% certain we’d seen Condors.  I wish I’d had my bins and been able to see their numbers but oh well . . . Good enough is good enough!

We went back to the campground and decided to go out to dinner.  There was a steakhouse in Tusayan called Yippee-Ei-Yay (or something similar).  The food was good but not great.  The parking lot was WAY too tight and crowded.  The tables inside were similar and it was just overly expensive.  But, there ya go.  Tourist town prices and quality.

When we got back to camp, we set up our telescope and were able to focus in on Vega.  Very cool.

We had another campfire and read more chapters of Brighty.  Is it any wonder we love this life so much?

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  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Greg/UncleGreg, Happy Birthday to You! Where are you having dinner in Taos??? xoxoxox