Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 11 - Santa Fe, NM

When we came here with Greg’s family, we did a great day drive through the New Mexico landscape visiting pueblos and towns along the way.  We thought we’d do that again.  We decided to drive out to Las Vegas, NM -- we stopped at Pecos National Historic Monument on the way.  It’s another abandoned pueblo - but it was abandoned after the Spanish arrived so it has a large church  as well as the pueblo itself.

Pecos NHM, NM.

Church at Pecos NHP, Pecos, NM

Las Vegas was interesting.  We’d read about it and it sounded like a neat place to drive out and have lunch.  It didn’t live up to it’s billing -- it has a neat town square and some amazing historic sections of town but it’s clearly a town recovering from a poor economy.  We ended up eating at Sonic Burger and heading back to Santa Fe.

We took naps and then Greg had an idea for something fun to do with the kids.  We took them to a shooting range and let them target shoot.  Both kids did it.  Gage loved it.  Ruth preferred playing with the owner’s dogs!  I was proud of them though -- they took it very seriously and didn’t mess around.

Butterfly at Pecos National Monument

After the gun range, we headed back to Tomasitas for dinner and then went to Rodeo de Santa Fe!  We got box seats so we’d have a good view.  It was really fun.  I wonder if this is a new tradition for us -- every summer trip, we have to get in at least one rodeo!

Gage and Ruth with clown noses

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