Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Parked where it belongs!

Parked where it belongs!
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It's ours! We picked it up today. We're beyond excited. Greg's parents drove us over to pick it up. Here is how it looked when we arrived . . . just waiting for us.

It's ours!

Greg's folks followed us to Scotts Valley where we stopped at KFC and got dinner. We drove to a local park and ate in the motorhome. So fun!

The kids loved riding in the double front seat. Greg loved the ease with which the FMC took the hill (Hwy 17). The temperature guage sneered at the hill by barely nudging up 5 degrees.

There are issues that need attention -- there was a pronounced fumey smell inside while we were driving and other things like the guages are hard to read and the headlights and taillights are kind of dim but it's all good.

Our neighbor is also our mechanic and he came over as soon as he heard us pull in tonight. He was nearly as excited as we are!

Life is good!

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