Saturday, September 9, 2006

Feeding the Obsession

Winnebago Sightseer
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Greg and I have been wanting to go look at features of motorhomes -- particularly fixtures, appointments, etc. We wanted to see anything we really liked and get brand names and see choices.

Now, this might seem to be a risky move when one is comtemplating buying an old RV -- go look at brand-spankin' new ones? Hmmmm.

And, we did decide that if we were buying a new RV -- this would have been the one we got. It is smaller (29 feet) and more practical on the interior. It had nice nickel fixtures and appointments. It had a good layout -- much like our 5th wheel. It had very, very cool fabric choices. It was just right for us. If we had an extra $100K laying around unneeded. (Ha!).

So, after we got a poor salesman all hot and bothered, we drove down to where our RV is being stored and looked at it. One look and I felt so good inside. Validated. I mean, really, isn't his a better looking RV?

From the front!

Maybe you don't see it . . . but we did and that's what is so cool about the journey we took today. Oh, that and eating some awesome mexican food at our favorite tacqueria!

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