Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's getting close

FMCWe are looking at picking our FMC up on Wednesday. This machine belongs in OUR driveway now!

We officially displaced the 5th Wheel today. We bought some touch-up paint for a few places. We are going to empty it out, clean it, order blinds, photograph it, and offer it up for sale.

End of an era.
Changing of the guard.
We're ready to bring the new beauty home.

Oh, and we signed up for an FMC Owner's Club Rally. The West Coast Rally is just down the road in Felton in November. Given how crazy we are about this machine, we're hoping to have something in common with other devotees. Seems silly to go camping 15 minutes away but hey it also seems really convenient to have them all come to our neighborhood for their rally!

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