Sunday, August 20, 2006

An obsession begins

We have been traveling with our current rig -- a GMC 3500 4x4 pickup truck pulling a 1987 Terry Resort 5th Wheel trailer since the trailer was new (well, we've have a few trucks in that time). It has served us well and we never thought we'd change our minds about what we wanted. Buuuuuuut . . . .

  • We have always talked about fixing up an old RV
  • We have found that now that we have kids who travel with us the 5th Wheel truck thing is not as comfortable for us as we'd hoped
  • We want a change and a project and love shopping and searching and planning so . . .
We're looking for something new.

Greg narrowed his focus very quickly. He was interested in either and old FMC or an old GMC motorhome. We looked at both on the Internet, talked about them, discussed them, and talked about them and looked them both up and it became clear that the one he was really interested in was the FMC. So, we narrowed our focus even further.

What we like about the FMC . . .

  1. Extremely well-made motorhome with a great reputation
  2. Made locally (Santa Clara, CA)
  3. One of the original employees has an RV repair place nearby and he is simply an expert on these coaches and shares his expertise happily
  4. Cool look to them -- great lines.
And so we started looking just as FMCs.

All this was just in a dream-maybe-someday phase until our last camping trip. We had a great time but all of us -- including the kids -- kept talking about how nice it would be to be traveling in a motorhome where bathroom stops don't have to be delayed or happen too often, where travel weary kids aren't stuck in their carseats without being able to stretch and move for four hours straight, where noisy kids aren't immediately behind parents who are trying to talk about wonderful grown-up things like what sort of vehicle they would like to tow behind the FMC that they are going to buy.

Well, after that trip, things starting moving and shaking and now we're getting serious.

Let the fun begin!

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