Saturday, August 26, 2006

Getting Serious -- Research Begins

RVS in Morgan Hill, CA
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On our way to Bonfante Gardens with the kids, we stopped in Morgan Hill, CA to chat with Jim at RVS. Jim used to work for FMC back in the day and is the acknowledged expert on them. Greg wanted to pick his brain.

We had the kids with us which made for an interesting visit. They were really good but once Greg and Jim got down to talking, I figured we'd better go do something else. The kids and I went back to the car and played there (and whined and complained and said, "Isn't Dad done YET?" over and over again) while Greg and Jim talked about FMCs.

Greg came back thrilled -- he'd gotten some good information (which he can relay or not as suits him!) and felt even more excited about our plan.

I was also pleased. I'd only seen these RVs from the outside and through pictures on the Internet. Standing in one, looking at the dimensions, layout, and just feeling it was so useful. I'm excited about our plan too.

So, now the real dream building begins . . . which one do we get, what will we do to it, what kind of tow vehicle, what colors, what fabrics, what . . .

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