Sunday, August 27, 2006

Look what we did . . .

Kicking the tires
Originally uploaded by egret's nest.
I can't believe it but we did it.

We came. We saw. We promised to buy.

Okay, we are waiting to give a deposit until they fax us the copies of the receipts for the work done at RVS.
But the plan is that we will give them the deposit early this week and then we'll pay the balance in a few weeks.

It's beautiful. I'm not feeling overwhelmed by it. I'm feeing happy and pleased that we did the right thing. That must be a good sign!

More pictures are available [click].

It is Unit #0708. It's in wonderful condition mechanically and the interior is looking good too. This is exactly the perfect unit for us to buy -- we are feeling really good about this. We know we'll make changes and customize it to suit our needs but it is something we can start using right away which thrills us completely. I guess I need to make a reservation for our first outing in about a month! Wow! What fun!


  1. Would love to have one of those one day and just wander at will.

    Don't you worry about the gas-guzzling?

    Maybe it doesn't matter when you think of what you save in not needing a hotel room or restaurant?

  2. We absolutely do worry about the gas-guzzling but you hit the nail on the head . . . no hotels, no restaurants. The other part of it is the joy of camping.

    On our last trip, we were staying in the midst of the giant Sequoias in the Sierra mountains. We had birds, squirrels, deer, and even an amazing dance of bats putting in regular shows. We were more involved in the outside world than we are at home with all the distractions of computers and tv and chores. We aren't a family that travels with a dvd player and game boys so our kids are fully engaged in riding bikes, making forts, and playing with their cars in the dirt. My daughter curls up in the big bed and reads for hours on end.

    It's worth the gas prices for experiences like that.