Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 4 - Salt Lake City, UT

Dateline:  June 19, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT

We woke up early in the Wagon Wheel Motel.  Greg and Liza walked down to check in with Chris, the owner of The Otto Clinic.  He arrived just after we did and reminded us that he was booked and couldn't work on our vehicles until Monday.  Greg talked to him and got him to agree to try to figure out the car so that we weren't stuck on foot in Wells for the weekend.  He did.

We came back to the motel, rousted the kids, and walked down to Bella's Restaurant (not to be confused with Bella's Hacienda Ranch which has Ladies available 24 hours a day -- You gotta love Nevada!).  After Breakfast, we went back and found Liza's car working great.  Turns out the battery was bad (despite the tester that said it was fine).  A new battery and it was as good as new.  Phew!

We also made a trip to the grocery store to get ice.  The FMC was parked at an angle in front of the mechanic's and the fridge was no longer working.  We threw out most of the food and loaded the ice into the fridge.

In true Miller fashion, we proceeded to make the best of things by taking a drive out to Angel Lake.  It's a small reservoir at the base of Hole in the Mountain Peak.  It was so beautiful up there and cool.  Greg and the kids hiked around the lake and even found snow.  They thoughtfully shared their snow with me (all the snowballs missed - ha!).  I stayed at the lake and enjoyed the quiet.  There was a Fish and Wildlife ranger who was looking up the mountain with a spotting scope and listening for radio tracked collars.  When I asked him, he pointed out where the bighorn sheep were on the mountain.  I couldn't see them with my camera and had left my spotting scope in the motorhome.  Drat.

We headed back to town and visited the Trail of the 49ers Interpretive Center.  We had a nice tour of the museum and learned about a ghost town outside of town.

We started to drive around to make our way to the ghost town and found the FMC being turned around in the street.  It died in the middle of the street and the mechanic had to tow it back to his garage.  Drat.
We drove out to see a ghost town near Wells but missed a turn and had to get back to talk to the mechanic.  He had quit for the day and wasn't promising to look at it until Monday.

We said good bye to Wells and drove two and a half hours to Salt Lake City.  Wells just didn't have enough fun for us Millers.  We checked into the Best Western by the airport and crashed for the night.

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  1. You know, many families when they head off for a summer adventure don't really go to this extreme. Since I know the story gets better, thought I'd joke just a tad. That, plus your indomitable attitude!