Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 2 - Wells, NV

Dateline:  June 18, 2014; Wells, NV

Day 2 was planned as one of our longest driving days and we thought we'd get up and hit the road early.  By morning, however, Greg had rethought that plan.  There were a few things he wanted to adjust on the FMC (new spark plugs, check the tire pressure and adjust the tire pressure monitoring system, etc.).  We also wanted to work on the weird electrical problem with Liza's car.  So, we tossed our plans aside and had a leisurely stay in Carson City.

We had a great lunch with Liza's parents at one of their Carson City favorites, Pho Country.  YUM!  


Once we were on the road, we decided this had actually worked out really well.  We were driving when it was cooler and, yes, we'd arrive late in Wells, NV but it was just an overnight anyway so we were okay with that.  

It was a nice drive across Nevada.  There is such stark beauty in the desert.  Highway 80 follows the old Humboldt Trail to California and we enjoyed imagining the plights of travelers as they crossed this harsh desert landscape.  The desert was green.  

Sun behind us

We arrived in Wells, NV in pitch dark.  We stayed at Angel's Lake RV Park.  They are very accommodating to late night travelers and we pulled in, hooked up, and went to sleep.

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